So Much Basketball…So Little Time

LIVE PERIOD BLUES – Been following girls HS Hoops for a long time but
exclusively at the High School level. It is easier to do at that level
as “a fan” since there is more media coverage, box scores, standings and more.

Folks who know a heck of a lot more about Girls hoops than me said I was totally
missing out for not expanding my reach into AAU. Wasn’t really sure how to
do as a fan so I simply took 1 step forward this spring…then another, then
another and now I’m totally hooked. Wish there was more week day events
(easier for me to get to) but totally understand.

Well got through my 1st summer live period and was very intrigued (plus
really enjoy meeting coaches and just talking hoops).

So here we are on the cusp on the last Live Period of the year (9/23 & 9/24)
and there are SEVEN…yes 7 events within 60 miles of my house. Seriously folks
this is causing me great agnst!!!

1st I had to sell my left nut negotiating with my wife to get out to one day
of hoops as we are raising a 6 year old (which is killing these fossil bones
& our energy).

So I have 1 day and all week I have been following twitter feeds and
reviewing schedules. Seriously all 7 have terrific teams and terrific
pairings. In addition, I know a good # of the tournament operators and they
have all been so kind and encouraging of my girls/womans hoops addiction.

So do I go to one place or split the day??? NO CLUES!! Moreso, I’m concerned
I can hurt the feelings of some really good folk by choosing one over the
other (when I tweet or more).

How the heck do the colleges do it…and they got to cover events all around
the country (heard there was over 60!!). That is ridiculous!!!

It is what it is and we’ll all do the best we can.


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Top NJ Schools “Open Gym” Schedule as of 9/25/17 (Updated**)

AS OF 9/25/17


Email me here at
OR text me at 908-902-2203
OR dm me at @scgirlshoops


BLAIR ACADEMY – Every Tues & Thurs in Sept. & Oct. 3:45 – 5;30

FRANKLIN – 9/26 – 6-7:30

GILL ST. BERNARDS – 9/27  3:30-5pm


**IMMACULATE CONCEPTION LODI – Completed maybe scheduling More


LIFE CENTER ACADEMY – Every Tuesday & Thursday in Sept. 6-8pm

MANASQUAN – 9/26  7-8:30 (St. Denis Parish, Squan) – Coaches Only

** MANCHESTER TWP – 7-8:30 PM 9/26, 9/28, 10/5 & 10/16 (Sponsored by Jersey Warriors)

NEWARK TECH – 9/22  4pm-6pm 9a West Market St. Newark

PATRICK SCHOOL – *9/22 3-4:30 PM (Mickey Walker Center – Elizabeth) 9/28 6-8PM,

PAUL VI – 9/28 & 10/17 – 5-630 pm

RED BANK CATHOLIC -Oct. 1 & Oct 15 3-5pm

**ROSELLE CATHOLIC – 9/26 8-9:30 pm

RUMSON-FAIR HAVEN  – Completed maybe scheduling More

RUTGERS PREP – 27 – 7-8:30 PM

SADDLE RIVER DAY – Closed to public/media – call school for more info.

SINAI CHRISTIAN ACADEMY – Every Thursday in Sept. 6-7:30


ST. JOHN VIANNEY – Completed

ST. ROSE – Completed

TRENTON CATHOLIC ACADEMY – Completed but trying to schedule an additional

MIDDLETOWN SOUTH – 2 days in October – Contact School/Coach Brennan (details being finalized
NOTRE DAME – being reorganized

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NJ Girls Hoops “Open Gyms Schedule” as of 9/11/17

Top NJ Schools Open Gym Schedule as of 9/11/17 – UPDATED

Always Confirm day/time with school coach or AD


Email me here at
OR text me at 908-902-2203
OR dm me at @scgirlshoops

FRANKLIN – 9/14 – 6-7:30, 9/20 -4-6, 9/26 – 6-7:30

GILL ST. BERNARDS – 9/19 & 9/27 3:30-5pm

GLOUCESTER CATHOLIC – 9/15 3-5 9/18 5-7

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION LODI 9/18 @ Felician University Gym 3:30 – 5:30

MANASQUAN – 9/14 & 9/21 – 6:30 – 8, 9/26 7-8:30 (St. Denis Parish, Squan)

NEWARK TECH – 9/16 11am-1pm, 9/22 4pm-6pm 9a West Market St. Newark

NOTRE DAME – October 5th 7-9pm (might be a closed gym – contact school)

PATRICK SCHOOL – 9/18 6-8PM, 9/28 6-8PM 9/21 3-:4:30 PM (Mickey Walker Center – Elizabeth)

PAUL VI – 9/28 & 10/17 – 5-630 pm

RED BANK CATHOLIC – 10/22 – 2-4:30, 10/23 – 4:30 – 7:30

RUMSON-FAIR HAVEN – Oct. 1st & 15 – 12:30-2:30 pm

**RUTGERS PREP – 9/14, 20TH & 27 – 7-8:30 PM

SINAI CHRISTIAN ACADEMY – Every Thursday in Sept. 6-7:30

ST. JOHN VIANNEY – 9/13 & 9/20 6:30 – 8:30

ST. ROSE – 9/13 4-5:30 pm, 9/19 5:30 – 7

TCA 9/18 6-8, 9/23 12-2

MIDDLETOWN SOUTH – 2 days in October – Contact School/Coach Brennan (details being finalized
LIFE CENTER ACADEMY – Details being finalizes
BLAIR ACADEMY – Details being finalized

SADDLE RIVER DAY – Closed to public/media – call school for more info

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Priceless Old School Girls Hoops Training

Through the magic of Twitter, I became intrigued by a follower with the name of Basketball Warehouse. It was clear they were in NJ so I sent a message asking if I could come visit for a tour and watch a session. The founder/directors brothers Mark & Bobby Timinski replied in short with a resounding and welcoming yes.

Of course in true “guy fashion”, I didn’t research them on the web before going and fully expected to see a monstrous hoops set up (especially once I learned they were located in Raritan Center Corporate park). So I headed up one Sunday morning for a 10:30 session.

Ha!!!! what a wonderful surprise I received. I located Basketball Warehouse at 110 Newfield Ave, Edison. Thank goodness I saw kids with basketballs walking in and out of a warehouse garage door. We are talking a traditional, small, worn warehouse that you could see anywhere. Totally perplexed that there wasn’t a sign anywhere signifying “Basketball Warehouse” or their mattress company (stay tuned).

Once I walked up the small flight of stairs onto the loading dock,
the Bros. Timinski’s came right up and welcomed me enthusiastically. I could tell right away that there was some sort of special excitement/enthusiasm coming to my near future.

So we turn into the garage door opening and I see a “1, less than
regulation, basketball court”. One of the brothers immediately turns to me and says “Tour over” with a smile.

My bubble was burst yet I was thrilled (as a small business owner
I love everything small). I stepped aside a watched a stream of
maybe 30 girls HS players (all grades but clearly they were their
to work – recognized plenty) and about 5 boys of the same age.

I moved to the corner of the warehouse and observed. So this court
has 2 walls at either short end, 2 rows of chairs for parents on the near sideline and a wall of mattresses on the far sideline (again stay tune…ps..they are not to protect players from crashing who crash into walls).

So the players plop their back packs on a chair or a spot on the floor, put a $10 honorarium in the mailbox on the wall, and headed outside to run 3 laps around a warehouse across the street (this place is “oozing old school” and I’m loving it). Again, no check in, no sign in, no pre registration, no one watching over you that you make your payment

It was very clear that players attending the positive vibe Basketball Warehouse were in no way going to be berated or receive negative comments HOWEVER it was clear that all the players in the warehouse were there to work and wanted to be there.

These Timinski Bros., who clearly have been playing basketball since near birth and totally love the game (can’t imagine how intense the brother 1 on 1 games were in the driveway). They know the game inside and out especially criticalness of perfecting core skills as the baseline for basketball success. They pepper the players with an endless stream of drills that move
at game speed. Folks, this is not a shooting gym (at least in a group setting). Tons of skill replication of in-game movement/execution drills are unleashed back to back to back with “full time out length” water breaks.

The entire session is a tight hour riff and the players are drenched and smiling. They totally get it and so do their parents.

They do this several times a week (visit for more excellent info) and starts at age 6 right thru players in college.

On Saturday mornings, continuing to go Old School, they run full
court outdoor non-stop scrimmages at Fords Park (yes they have a back up indoor location) form 7-8am!!!! Yes, there are teenagers willing to get up a dawn to make sure they get to 7am “hoops” run on a weekend morning in the summer.

I went by today and was blown away to see 20 very good HS (and some
alum now playing college) scrimmaging at a high level and pace for a solid hour (no scores kept) on 2 adjacent courts. No one sat…everybody sweated.

The level of play was exquisite and all players were mixed. My head was spinning and neck snapping from going back and forth between the 2 games. Come 8am “Ballgame” work out over. 1 if ands or buts.

Lastly, Basketball Warehouse is simply a training place for “athletes” wrapped around basketball. What is so the neatest aspect of “this business” is that they are not tied to any AAU program in anyway, shape or form. Hence, there is no chance of “perceived” recruiting, poaching anything. They are purest and just adore the game. Definitely worth a look … boy there old school, pure, near innocent love for the game is just special and extremely productive.

EDITORS NOTE on the Mattresses – So the Brothers run a mattress company selling directly to home owners by appointment at this location (in a nice showroom adjacent to the indoor court under the same roof). If there was a sign…I didn’t see it. They sell at all different price points (but well below their competitors and deliver)

I guess they line the back wall of the court to protect players from running into it. But what is so cool, is there is no sign, placard, flyer NOTHING indicating their business an effort on their part to cross sell mattress to their hoops customers (and at $10
bucks a kid, they are hardly doing this to get rich).

As a true fan of the girls game and an unbiased supporter of the
hoops product, Basketball Warehouse is a 10!

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6th Annual No Boys Allowed NJ Girls Hoops League Schedule

Below is the latest schedule to click on/print.

Changes to occur (like tonight) and you should “Like on Facebook No Boys Allowed ” to stay current.

Here are the HS team codes:

Players from

1) Franklin
2) Sinai Christian Academy
3) SJV
4) Saddle River Day
5) Marist
6) St. Rose
7) IC Lodi
8) Rumson
9) The Patrick School
10) Trenton Catholic
11) Curtis
12) Teaneck
13) Arts
14) East Orange
15) Lincoln
16) Roselle Catholic
17) IC Montclair
18) Mater Dei


Like No Boys Allowed on Facebook to keep updated

6th Annual League Schedule(City of Elizabeth)

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4th Annual GThing 2021 All Star Game Today

Today is the 4th 24/7 Gthing All Star Girls Basketball Classic founded
and hosted by fellow Hoops-A-Holic (apologize in advance as that is not
a P.C. term but defines us pretty good) Lonnie “GThing” Hill.

He assembles some the premier 2021 kids (rising Freshman) for an
end of summer all star game for the ages. He has top players coming
in from NY, NJ, MD, VA, DE & PA which is darn impressive.

IN ADDITION, New this year is a rising 8th grader all star game to precede
the main event

Belhaven Middle School (Entrance on Side of School)
51 Belhaven Ave.
Linwood, NJ 0821

Rising 8th Graders All Star Game (New For ’17) – 12:15ish Tip
Rising 9th Graders All Star Game (4th Annual) – 1:30ish Tip


Adults – $ 5
Students/kids – $2


Zaakiyya Young – St. Joseph HS, Brooklyn, NY
Janel Moore – IExcel – Saddle River Day HS, Saddle River, NJ
Destiny Adams – Jersey Warriors – Manchester HS, Manchester, NJ
Sophia Sabino – Shoreshots – Red Bank Catholic HS, Red Bank, NJ
Allie McGinn – Shoreshots – Staten Island Academy HS, Staten Island, NY
Imani Harris – Exodus – Monsignor Scanlan HS, Bronx, NY
Elenor Robinson – Sparks – Immaculate Conception HS, Montclair, NJ
Ella Fajardo – Sparks – Immaculate Conception HS, Montclair, NJ
Ariel Jenkins – Team Miller – Piscataway HS, Piscataway, NJ
Sanaa Ferreiras – Exodus – St. Francis Prep HS, Queens NY


Taylor Gibson – Maryland Finest – Bishop McNamara HS, Forestville, MD
Kate Hill – Jersey Shore Elite – St. John’s Vianney HS, Holmdel, NJ
Kayla Thomas – Team Sol – Bishop Ireton HS, Alexandria, VA
Paige Brown – Team Sol – National Christian Academy HS, Washington,MD
Olivia Lynch – BBA – St. Thomas More Academy HS, Magnolia, DE
Bianca Pendleton – Team Takeover – Bullis HS, Potomac, MD
Krislin Arjukese – Team Takeover – Bullis HS, Potomac, MD
Jada McCullough – BBA – Caesar Rodney HS, Camden, DE
Kaliyah Myricks – BBA – The George School HS, Newton, PA
Christina Whitehead – Jersey Cardinals – Red Bank Catholic HS, Red Bank, NJ

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A Most Impressive NJ Coaching Legacy

When I think of Coach Joe Whelan from New Jersey, the term “it’s Lonely at
the Top but there’s only room for one” pops into my mind. But further reflection
about this coach that I barely know, this guy just loves to coach.

Though icing on the Jersey Shore, I eye on all of NJ HS hoops (mostly girls
and some boys in my early years), Coach Whelan has coached all over the state
and has a diverse a resume as any coach can have. Really speaks to his love of the
game and specifically coaching at all levels

This is his coaching resume (as I best recall and not in sequence):

He has coached very good girls AAU teams at both the HS and MS level
He has asst’ coached at the hip of the greatest Boys HS Coach nationally
(Bob Hurley, St. Anthony’s, Jersey City)
He as head coached boys hs at solid but not remarkable programs like
like Long Branch and I pretty sure he was the inaugural coach at
Asbury Park’s Academy Charter School.
He has spent last 4 years coaching a perennial top 10 (often top 5) girls
HS team in the state at St. Rose
He now is extending his reach to asst Women’s coach at D2 Georgian Court.

Love how he stays in NJ
Love how he loves new and unique challenges
Love how he wins everywhere
Love how he continually goes to high level coaching clinics to further
learn the game and its endless nuances.

In just a matter of a few months this spring summer, I saw him coaching a
top 5 girls basketball HS her in NJ, coaching his 2021 girls AAU team
to the US Junior Nationals championship; to running a clinic training
session for rising 8th and 9th grade girls to taking an off the grid
position at an off the grid local D2 college. I find that so intriguing
and impressive.

I have heard rumblings over the years about his personality and/or coaching
style but never gave a hoot. There are 2 sides to every story and whatever
it is it is. You think every employee of mine loves me….NOT. I am
just a fan and have great admiration for those that can truly coach.

Whether teaching, training or coaching he does demand excellence. His
relentless successes in wins or losses, championships, ranking or helping his
players secure full college scholarships, is darn impressive!

Will be fascinating to watch this next coaching step at Georgian Court as
an assistant at this Lakewood, NJ school. Again a school very off the grid
and starting to find its legs. Uber smart of head coach Perazic to bring in Coach
Whelan to her team. Watch them over the next few & watch Coach Whelan’s career
going forward. Dang this guy loves to loves and definitely leaves a
successful mark everywhere.

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